Short Term Courses

Short-Term Courses

(Registration is N10,000)

1. Basic Cake Baking and Decoration

Basic Cake Baking and Decoration - N100,000

1 Months | Tuesday, Thursday & Friday |2 to 4.30 pm

This course exposes you to basic cake baking of different types of cake and decorating technique. You will learn the secret to making the perfect wedding cake, celebration cake, and birthday cake. This course will show you tips on how to ice, frost, and border your cake like a pro. It will teach you practical hands-on skills and equip you with what you need to be a cake baker.

6. African Cooking Class

African Cooking classes - N100,000

1 Months | Monday, Thursday & Friday | 1:30 to 3 pm

This course brings you to the core of African traditional cuisines, unraveling their historical background. Imagine cooking with granny’s cookbook. [History, memories, and love in a plate]. We will teach you how to make and create varieties of African Cuisine and new recipes to enjoy.

3. Continental Culinary

Continental Culinary Classes - N150,000

1 Months | Tuesday and Wednesday | 2 to 4.30 pm

This class exposes you to the various continental menu. Do you want to learn from other continents, about their varieties of food and dishes from Europe to Asia to the Caribbeans to the middle east and south American dishes and cuisines? Let’s take you on this short Ride across the globe.

4. Mixology

Mixology - N60,000

1 Months | Tuesday & Wednesday | 2 pm to 4 pm

This course takes you through a tasty world of cocktails and mocktails equipping you with the knowledge and skill to become a specialist in drinks and beverages and become your own mixology boss.

5. Bread making

Bread Making Course - N80,000

1 Months | 3times a week | Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

This course exposes you to the skill of Bread Making, it aims to help you build and develop different bread-making skills. The class exposes you to commercial and non-commercial bread production operations.

6. Dessert Making

Dessert Making Course - N70,000

1 Months | Thursday and Friday

This course teaches a selection of desserts. Equipping you with the skills and techniques required to make several desserts.

7. Nigerian Pastries and Small Chops

Nigerian Pastries & Small Chops - N70,000

1Months| Wednesday & Thursday

This course teaches you how to make small chops which is a set of popular Nigerian party finger foods, usually served before the main party dish. These chops are also used to entertain visitors at home.

8. Kids Summer School

Kids Summer School - N30,000

3 Weeks| Holidays

This course provides a learning platform for kids to learn how to cook, bake and have fun during their breaks. Kids are not too young to develop an interest in a vocation. The course will end with a competition at the institution, with emerging winners.

9. Entreprenuership and Start Up

Entrepreneurship Course and Business Start-up - Bonus

Time will be fixed within the main course

This is a bonus and free course for everyone that participates in any of our courses. This prepares students with sound entrepreneurship knowledge and business skills that will allow them to start up their own businesses In whichever area they choose.

10. Food Safety

Food Safety - Bonus

Time will be fixed within the main course

Bonus course that covers a whole lot of areas from Food safety to kitchen safety, personal safety, and hygiene, which is important for all food handlers to be able to produce food that is safe for consumption.

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