Instructor-Led Courses

LONG TERM COURSES (Registration is N15,000)

Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Art - N300,000

3 Months | Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday | 9 am to 2 pm

This course is prepared to boost your skills and capacity to work in the hospitality industry and expose you to the basic principles of kitchen work, food preparation, and culinary art to help you demonstrate professionalism in the industry.

Diploma in Culinary art and Hospitality Management - N450,000

6 Months | Monday to Thursday | 9 am to 2 pm

This course covers all aspects of the hospitality industry, from hospitality management to Hospitality Business, Food Safety and Kitchen Safety, HR, Food Service, Menu Design, Cooking Techniques, Food Presentation, front office, room service, Sales, and Marketing.  The course has a wide range of exposure to hospitality job roles and responsibilities, which makes it easy for you to make a career choice You will learn about many aspects of the industry and gain valuable practical and teamwork skills to function in whichever area you choose to specialize.

Certificate in Culinary Art and Hospitality Management - N250,000

3 Months | Monday to Thursday | 9am to 2pm

This course equips you with the basic knowledge and skills required to function as a seasoned chef building up your culinary skills as well as your culinary management knowledge and skills as best practices in the hospitality industry.

Diploma in Continental Culinary Art (food production only) - N200,000

2 Months | Tuesday to Wednesday |9am to 2pm

This course provides the skills and knowledge required to develop your continental culinary skills from beginners to pros. It exposes you to cuisines across various continents.

Diploma in Patisserie and Confectionary - N300,000

3 Months | Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays. | 9am to 12pm

This fun-filled course will provide you with the required knowledge and hands-on skills in becoming a successful and professional pastry chef. Ideal for those looking to become a professional pastry chef or for those wanting to progress their careers, for individuals who enjoy this area of cookery as a hobby, and for those employees looking to improve their knowledge and skills in this area. This class takes you through the rudiments of commercial and non-commercial pastry and dough making, cakes and dessert making, and sugar and chocolate crafts.

Diploma in Cake Baking, Decoration, and Sugar Craft - N200,000

3 Months | Tuesday to Friday |10:30am to 2pm

This course covers everything you need to know about cakes from basic, intermediate to advanced. It takes you from scratch to becoming a standard baker, learning how to bake different types of cakes and decorating techniques from easy to complex designs and techniques used by industry experts.

Professional Certificate in Cake Decoration and Sugar Craft - N120,000

6 Weeks| Mondays and Wednesdays & Thursday | 12pm to 3pm

Advance cake decorating classes that expose you to limitless creativities in the cake industry.

Diploma in Professional Cookery (food production only) - N250,000

3 Months | Tuesday &Wednesday | 9 am to 1 pm

This course will equip you to start a career in the industry. It offers you a chance to increase your knowledge and skills, in professional food preparation to provide satisfaction either for private clients or for commercial purposes. With this course, you can find exciting job opportunities.

Diploma in Food and Beverages Service - N250,000

3 Months |Monday to Wednesday | 1 pm to 4 pm

This course offers you the knowledge and skills you need to deliver a great dining experience from food service, to serving hot and cold beverages, wine pairing, bar service, and more.  The course is ideal for anyone working in the food and beverage service – from those looking to their first role up to those moving into a supervisory role.

Event catering Management Course (including Decorations) - N300,000

4 Months | Monday, Wednesday & Friday | 9 am to 12noon

This course will equip you with the knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry, its establishments, business operations, services, and hospitality Business success which will provide you with a range of selections to work with as an event caterer. You will also learn Party Style Cuisine, organization, Catering Operation, Event Decoration, and event management procedures from simple parties to huge events.

Entrepreneurship Course and Business Start-up (Bonus) - Free

1 Week | Time will be fixed within the main course.

This is a bonus and free course for everyone that participates in any of our courses. This prepares the student with sound entrepreneurship knowledge and business skills that will allow them to start up their own business in whichever area they choose.

Food Safety, Kitchen Safety, Firefighting Course, and First Aid (Bonus) - Free

1 Week | Time will be fixed within the main course.

SAFET FIRST. Safety covers a whole lot of areas from Food safety to kitchen safety to personal safety. These safety courses including Firefighting and First Aid courses will be offered as a bonus to all Long-term Students of LCCI