Intensive Weekend Classes

Intensive Weekend Classes

(Registration is N10,000)

1. Culinary Art

Intensive Weekend Culinary Art - N100,000

4 Saturdays | 9am-1pm

This is a weekend course that will help you Learn culinary art and dishes across the globe. It helps you build a well-rounded skill in the basics of culinary art.

2. Basic Cake Decoration

Basic Cake Baking and Decoration - N80,000

4 Saturdays | 9am-1pm

Learn to bake cakes and start your own small business. This course exposes you to basic cake baking of different types of cake and decorating technique. You will learn the secret to making celebration cakes and birthday cakes. This course will show you tips on how to frost your cake like a pro. It will teach you practical hands-on skills and equip you with all foundational baking techniques.

3. Mixology

Mixology - N50,000

3 Saturdays |First 3 Saturdays of the month | 9 am-12noon

Learn to make a variety, of cocktails, and mocktails. Manage the beverage and drinks section of a restaurant.

4. Desert Making

Desert Making Course - N60,000

2 Saturdays | First 2 Saturdays of the month |12:30 -3:30

This course teaches a selection of desserts. Equipping you with the skills and techniques required to make several desserts.

5. Nigerian Pasteries _ Small Chops

Nigerian Pastries & Small Chops - N60,000

3 Saturdays | 1.30 pm to 4 pm

Learn to make your favorite variety of African small chops.

6. African Cooking Class

African Cooking Classes - N80,000

Saturdays | 9am-4pm

This course brings you to the core of African traditional cuisines, unraveling their historical background. Imagine cooking with granny’s cookbook. [History, memories, and love in a plate]. We will teach you how to make and create varieties of African Cuisine and new recipes to enjoy.

9. Entreprenuership and Start Up

Entrepreneurship Course and Business Start-up - Bonus

Time will be fixed within the main course

This is a bonus and free course for everyone that participates in any of our courses. This prepares students with sound entrepreneurship knowledge and business skills that will allow them to start up their own businesses.

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